Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is a growing area of specialty in the mediation field whose focus is on assisting families to make decisions that are in the best interest of an aging family member.  Unfortunately the conflict can be the result of disagreements between parent and child, among adult siblings or between family members and a third party such as a treatment provider or special care residence.  Families can have diverse opinions about essential subjects such as type of care and who to provide the required care; finances; decision making.  Any and all discussions may result in strained or even broken family relationships.  These conflicts draw resources away from the person needing them the most…the older person.

Elder Mediation is a caring supportive process where a family can come together, with the assistance of a trained and certified Elder Mediator, to fully explore the issues and jointly develop solutions that reflect their values and commitment to their aging parent or other family member.

Elder Mediation holds the potential for the aging person to, within a circle of care be effectively and lovingly supported by those who care for them while they remain, as long as possible at home where most elders wish to be.

Typically Elder Mediation involves a large number of participants including older adults, family members, friends, care givers, community care givers, physicians and other professionals.

Elder Mediation is now being recognized internationally as a process which does the following:

  • promotes wellness, developing prevention strategies and enhancing quality of life for families.
  • prevents elder abuse
  • provides an important step in the continuum of care of the older person.
  • focuses on addressing concerns and issues of the older person.
  • maintains and strengthens relationships critical to the well being of the older person.
  • strengthens family and community relationships.