The staff of Donihee Consulting are committed to delivering professional services in order to support you to achieve your dreams and live life fully.  We design, develop, and deliver superior, professional, ethical, coaching, mediation and assessment services.

Counselling for children, families, couples and individuals.

Mediation: a positive approach to separation and divorce.

Elder Mediation: a gentle and caring process where families seek solutions to caring for an older person and the family as a whole.

Adult Decision Makers: Helping families resolve family disputes.

Parent Capacity Assessments (PCA): Most often a court ordered investigative process of assessing parenting capacity to assist the Honorable Court in deciding custody of the couple’s children.

Voice of the Child (VOC): An investigative process by which an assessor, through a series of meetings, reports to the Honorable Court the child’s voice in regard to how his/her time will be spent following his/her parent’s separation.

Risk Assessment (RA): an investigative process of evaluating a child’s risk in the care of either both of his/her parents.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): Counseling services at Donihee Consulting are covered by most EAP programs.

Workshops or Group Facilitation: Estimates available by request.

Speaking Engagements: Estimates available by request.